This wonderful book is written with ALL women in mind. Ms. Cuthbertson gives us the history of how we began as equals with men before they decided that heredity was more important than humanity. She explains how we were blindsided into being possessions instead of partners, how men continue to game the system to keep us on the losing team, and how we are trained from birth to be complicit in our own oppressive entrapment with learned conciliatory behavior and submissiveness. But she also shows us how much headway we have made by communicating with each other to find our common ground, and how, by using our reason, empathy, and compassion we can absolutely negate the brute, domineering, and/or sometimes just plain bullheaded behavior we are often up against.

She explains why it is so essential that we keep plowing ahead in whatever small or large ways we can in order not to lose the ground that all those before us have fought so hard to gain. She gives us encouragement in the ways we can each make a difference by exploring and expressing the aspects in which our femininity is an asset instead of a liability. I mean, REALLY, look at the state of the world today run by men. SOMEONE needs to be the adult in the room, and quickly!

Andrea Popovics, Tampa, Florida

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