Conversations with Eve is a unique approach in examining the anthropological transitions of women’s power through the course of human history and connecting the effects of those transitions to the lives of women in the world today.

The conversational format provides an accessible environment for sharing questions, ideas, and experiences. By avoiding jargon, the author facilitates conversations, allowing women and men of all ages and backgrounds to enter discussion on an equal level, which is so important in encouraging inclusiveness. And, a major purpose of the conversations is to enhance understanding of the roots of inequality based on gender, race, class and so many other cultural characteristics that block the building of social equality. The author points out the United Nations affirms that social equality (particularly for women) is essential in successfully meeting our most pressing challenges – poverty, war, and environmental degradation.

This book will be useful for college-level women’s and gender studies courses that seek to uncover the sources of women’s power in historical and contemporary contexts in order to challenge the potent culturally accepted myth of male superiority. It helps us to better understand how “the myth” shapes our social institutions, such as family, politics, and religion, and how these institutions in turn reinforce “the myth” in our daily lives. The author pulls all of these complicated social processes together in a clear and cohesive presentation that will enhance course material and engage students in meaningful interaction.

Beyond awareness, knowledge, and discussion, the author offers us hope with courses of action to replace “the manplan.” These are actions we can take together and individually as empowered women and men.


By Sharon Kay Masters, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of Women’s Studies
Florida Southern College
Lakeland, Florida, USA

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