Every woman should read this book, especially those who now have children to raise. The author points out that the "(r)evolution" can only be accomplished by teaching our children the importance of all the feminine qualities that have been disregarded over the years as weak or not necessary. Our world would be a much better place if both men and women could work together and nurture each other through compromise and understanding instead of in constant battle. Nations would benefit from the same principles instead of constant competition and wars over power.

Women have an enormous amount of emotional strength and wisdom that seems at time to be ignored by men. It is time that men begin to realize that without us many everyday things in their lives would completely fall apart! Women, especially in our country, have proven that we are capable of not only multitasking as stay at home moms, but can take on this as well as caring for children and the home in addition to being in the work force. When you consider the number of single mothers, many of their children have become successful adults as well if not more so than children of stay at home mothers.

This is not to say that men are not needed. Both are, but men have for a long time forgotten the importance that woman can make to their lives and to the world. This must change! More books like Ms. Cuthbertson's need to be written and cherished by women and men! Congratulations Ms. Cuthbertson for writing on a subject much needed to be discussed!

Susan Reinhardt, Baltimore, Maryland

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