The Author


Barbara Cuthbertson, M.A.

Ever ready with an “Atta girl” or a “That’s not fair” Barbara has made it her mission to encourage, motivate, and inspire those treated badly by society, especially women.

Barbara earned a Master’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology (in only 21 years), and then served as a Planned Parenthood Executive Director for eight years. But it became apparent that there would be more money to provide reproductive health services to low income EVE if there was less overhead. So, she assisted in merging two Planned Parenthood affiliates and eliminated her position. Then she planned to take a year off. But that year turned into a lot more than one when life stepped in. Just when she was ready to start working on Conversations with EVE (Every Vagina on Earth) caring for her elderly parents and grandson demanded her time and attention for a number of years.

During those years of assisting her family, Barbara continued talking with EVE about their problems and their passions at every opportunity. And she realized that most EVE aren’t aware of their TRUE social heritage or their TRUE social power. So she decided to do something about that.

Conversations with EVE is both the culmination of years of work and the realization of a dream. With the publishing of the book and the launching of the Conversations, Barbara can begin communicating to EVE how important and powerful they truly are, and inspiring them to change the world.

Barbara and her husband live in her native Florida, United States, in an earth sheltered home built with their own four hands over 30 years ago. She is an active musician and is currently in an all-EVE band.

Let’s make this a real Conversation. Use the CONTACT to ask me a question or tell me about your (r)evolution successes and setbacks. Then visit my BLOG for news of other EVE’s experiences and adventures, as well as events from around the globe that impact our lives. I hope to hear from EVE in many situations and many cultures, because I’m passionate about having this Conversation with the world!




             "Love, Love, Love Conversations!

Every woman on the planet should read this book!!

Conversations offers a voice for the voiceless

and insight for the modern woman who has the

freedom of speech to say what she will. A must

have manual and 'friend' for all EVE!"

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