About the Book

Let me tell you a little secret—
men have NOT always been in charge!
Let me tell you another secret—


We hear and read every day how EVE (Every Vagina on Earth)are being assaulted, abused, trafficked, denied their social and civil rights, and too often treated as inferior members of society. But we rarely see anything about how and when such demeaning treatment became the social “norm”. And we are never told there are easy ways both EVE and men can end such treatment.

So Conversations with EVE - an eye-opening, inspiring, and motivating book -does just that by:

- offering a rare glimpse into the cultural status and influence that EVE enjoyed for 90-99% of human history,
- showing how the Myth of Male Superiority stripped away that authority and equality a few thousand years ago, and
- revealing how the beliefs and policies of the Manplan still limit and endanger EVE in the 21st century.

But Conversations with EVE does much more than that.

It outlines simple ways that everyone can use the power of their daily choices to build healthier, safer societies. It inspires EVE to create a better today and a brighter tomorrow through a velvet (r)evolution inspired by EVE’s true cultural heritage and powered by new ways to take charge of our future.

Women’s TRUE power
Where it came from
How we lost it
How we can get it back!



             "Love, Love, Love Conversations!

Every woman on the planet should read this book!!

Conversations offers a voice for the voiceless

and insight for the modern woman who has the

freedom of speech to say what she will. A must

have manual and 'friend' for all EVE!"

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