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"Conversations with Eve is a unique approach in examining the anthropological transitions of women’s power through the course of human history and connecting the effects of those transitions to the lives of women in the world today.
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By Sharon Kay Masters, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of Women’s Studies
Florida Southern College
Lakeland, Florida, USA

"There is an oft-spoken expression about knowledge: we don’t know what we don’t know. The inherent anxiety of this expression regards the potential danger in not knowing and further, the concern of whether we can ever access what we don’t know. This agony of not knowing is exacerbated by the realization that knowledge is kept, guarded, protected, and made exclusive, leaving those “not in the know” outside the gates of access.
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By Orathai Northern, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Polk State College
Lakeland, Florida

"Barbara Cuthbertson skillfully combines historical knowledge of women and their roles with anthropological and socio-cultural practices. As we are confronted by new challenges in financial, religious, and political changes this knowledge is vital. Leaders in society are often unaware of women's history, and therefore support positions which thrust women back to being controlled. Never has a time been more important than this moment to bring the information from “Conversations with EVE” (Every Vagina on Earth) to the forefront of consciousness for present and future generations. Ms. Cuthbertson artfully combines information which provides a platform to educate and inform present and future generations of men and women."

By Rosemarie Santora Lamm, Ph.D.
Professor of Social Science and Nursing, Retired
Past President of Planned Parenthood of Central Florida
Executive Director of Rath Senior ConNEXTions and Education Center
Lakeland, Florida

"This wonderful book is written with ALL women in mind. Ms. Cuthbertson gives us the history of how we began as equals with men before they decided that heredity was more important than humanity. She explains how we were blindsided into being possessions instead of partners, how men continue to game the system to keep us on the losing team, and how we are trained from birth to be complicit in our own oppressive entrapment with learned conciliatory behavior and submissiveness. But she also shows us how much headway we have made by communicating with each other to find our common ground, and how, by using our reason, empathy, and compassion we can absolutely negate the brute, domineering, and/or sometimes just plain bullheaded behavior we are often up against."
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Andrea Popovics, Tampa, Florida

"Your anthropological bent made the topic "new."  It is not a problem of one culture in one time. I thought that perspective was unusual and valuable.  Secondly, you made the material very readable by not using an overly scholarly vocabulary.  I would think your material would be understandable easily by young readers from a variety of backgrounds." 

Jean, USA

"Every woman should read this book, especially those who now have children to raise. The author points out that the "(r)evolution" can only be accomplished by teaching our children the importance of all the feminine qualities that have been disregarded over the years as weak or not necessary. Our world would be a much better place if both men and women could work together and nurture each other through compromise and understanding instead of in constant battle. Nations would benefit from the same principles instead of constant competition and wars over power."
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Susan Reinhardt, Baltimore, Maryland

"Loved This Book!  The book was very well written. I enjoyed reading this thought provoking book. It was easy to get caught up in the author's passion for women's right to equal power. I highly recommend the book."

P. Zebendon, Florida

"This is a "must read" for, not just women, but men too. It is beautifully written; but, more than that, it is a comprehensive look at the history of how women came to have power and how it was taken away from them. Just as important, it is the history of the abuse that women endure all over the world."

G. Holmes



             "Love, Love, Love Conversations!

Every woman on the planet should read this book!!

Conversations offers a voice for the voiceless

and insight for the modern woman who has the

freedom of speech to say what she will. A must

have manual and 'friend' for all EVE!"

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